The following are selected comments from my references. A full list of references is available.


“John is a well-organized manager that communicates well at all levels of an organization. He is a creative problem solver that is willing to dive into new and even unfamiliar projects with enthusiasm. I appreciate the support that John provided the members of our group during the time that I worked for John.”

Greg Skinner

Team Leader – Robert Bosch LLC


“John is a hard working professional with the experience to excel in any business environment. The combination of international business and technical acumen separates him from his peers.”

Eric Heard

President & CEO – Amtech International


“John Haley combines excellent listening skills with highly trained and experienced technical skills and long-term planning.  This promotes credibility and confidence in those he works with that helps to advance whatever project he is handling because associates are involved and invested in a win-win outcome.  He will be an asset wherever he decides to hang his business hat.”

Susan Bayha

Administrative Assistant – Robert Bosch LLC


“I had the pleasure of working with John throughout the past 7 years as my Engineering Manager. John brought to the group an attitude of trust in his employees and a hands off style leadership that encouraged us to take more responsibility and accountability for our work. All programs under John’s leadership ran efficiently, on time and within budget, no matter what challenges were imposed on us. His flexibility, positive attitude and openness kept the group in high spirits under all circumstances. I have all the confidence that John will be as much appreciated in the future as we all have appreciated him in the past.”

Sam Soubjaki

Senior Engineer – Robert Bosch LLC


“John is a very capable and enthusiastic engineer, with ‘Total Systems Thinking’. He has the ability and approach necessary to actively pursue possible root cause analysis, and to boil reams of data down to a very simple and plausible problem statement or solution in plain language. This ability was very clearly recognized by many of our customers, and gave us a competitive advantage toward building relationships.

Andrew Plamondon

Senior Sales Manager – Robert Bosch LLC


“I can recommend John as a thoughtful, creative designer and engineer for fuel systems and airflow dynamics. Together John and I worked up a proposal for creating an Intake Air Fuel Module for Nissan with plenty of content/value for our company, and savings for the customer. It was great to work with John and his team members as we quickly put together the proposal and optimized it for their requirements. John is hard working, and works well with people.”

Pascal Martin

Sales and Project Manager, Robert Bosch Corp. Electric Drives


“I worked with John from 1999 to 2007 at Robert Bosch. During this time John was a manager over several engineers in the Fuel Rail and Manifold area of Robert Bosch, Gasoline Systems. He works well with others and enables cross functional areas to meet deadlines established. John encourages working as a team with his direct area and other supporting groups. John is a fair and effective manager who provided support to other areas. I recommend John to any business area looking for an effective manager who is able to motivate associates.”

Dawn Hettler

Product Data Management Coordinator, Robert Bosch Corp.


“As a Buyer at the time for Nissan North America I worked with John who represented CMI. He did a very good job and made great efforts to help design more cost effective engineering solutions. John was a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.”

Bob Nevar

Purchasing Manager, Nissan North America


“John handled a number of our Polymer programs while at CMI. He is very knowledgeable in the design and materials for injection molded parts. John also works well in working with Customer Relations. He is highly motivatived and would be a welcome access to any company.”

David Kapala

Senior Engineer, Hayes Lemmerz International


“John did his job well and kept is eye on the ball all the time.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Patrick A. Tooman

President Plastics Engineering & Technical Services, Inc.


“John is a friendly, open individual who goes out of his way to help people and get the job done. He has a professional and friendly demeanour which makes him very easy to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with John again.”

Chris Gibson

PMA Supervisor, Ricardo


“John was an excellent manager. He was able to bring the best out of his direct reports, assigning jobs that best fitted their expertise and giving them the credit due.”

Jerry Lin

Development Engineer, Robert Bosch